Be Like Bond and Moneypenny for the day or 24 hrs 

No Time To Dine Programme  

We are launching our No Time to Dine our latest James Bond Incentive Event


Dear Agent, you have been requested for a secret mission

13.30 hrs-22.30 hrs


Agents Arrival Time 13.30hrs.


14.00hrs Champagne afternoon tea served by our Butlers in the dining room.   


Day Dress Code: Active Espionage Gear

Dress warm for outside activities Shooting Range only

(Bring wet weather clothing just in case)    


15.00 hrs Training programme in the grounds and the house Zones 1-5


Zone 1 on the Front Lawn Sniper shooting 

   Zone 2 The Laser room in the Tennis Pavilion 

Zone 3 Safe breaking Zone 4 Bomb disposal 



Come and join us for a Bond Training Programme learn how to shoot a .22 Calibre Air Rife with Telescopic Sights

Can Bond and money penny avoid the laser alarm systems in the Laser Room.

Learn how to crack open a safe under pressure.

Just a few of the training tasks Bond will have to undertake.


17.30hrs Change for dinner like Bond and Money penny

Night Dress Code: Black Tie and Cocktail Dress   


Rooms are provided to freshen up and change

19.00hrs Vesper Martini cocktails shaken not stirred served in the Drawing room not forgetting the Fleming 89 Martini, and a little magic over cocktails  


Opera Singer by Rouge Opera to lead guests into the hall 

19.30hrs Bond Magic over Dinner




‘Best Meal of the Day’

Smoked Bacon Marmalade, Scrambled Duck Egg, Brioche Toast


Opera Event from Quantum of Solace  



‘Firm Favourite’

Dover Sole Meuniere, Buttered Pink Fir Potatoes, Wild Mushrooms & Spinach


Training event after the Main Course in the Hall  



‘Scotch Over Vodka’

Old Fashioned Jelly, Orange Puree, Cherry Ice Cream, Orange Caramel Powder


Tea, Coffee & Petit Fours



21.30hrs Retire to the Library and play Casino Royale


22.30hrs Agents depart.